March 12, 2022

Pre Purchase Home Inspection

pre purhase inspection montreal

Pre Purchase Home inspection Montreal

MTL Pre Purchase Home Inspection Montreal. A pre sale inspection is designed to give the seller relative information on the immovable that they are planning to sell. We offer a visual and technical inspections for peace of mind. Information obtained in a pre sale home, condo or building inspection gives the seller ample to make necessary corrections if needed, in order to get the price they are looking to obtain. They then can list their property accordingly or they can make necessary corrections to their home, condo or building in order to get the price listed without surprises that the buyers Inspection might reveal and leave the seller with surprises that they may be unaware of. Do Not Leave It To Chance.

A pre Purchase inspection is very often overlooked. Our prices are negotiable and we offer a full service in relation to an immovable pre sale home condo or building inspection. Mold detection Asbestos verification building code issues, all can be addressed in the pre sale inspection. Reports are accessible in 24-48 hrs. Email us for a quote.

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