March 13, 2022

Condo Inspection

condo inspection montreal

Condo Inspection Montreal

MTL Condo Inspection Montreal. We offer Pre purchase inspections to the buyer for Condos that are new or existing construction. In every buyers interests it is very important to have your immovable inspected by an Qualified Inspector and we offer the best Condo inspection at an affordable rate. just call us for a quote or e-mail us here

Protecting your venture with a pre purchase inspection is part of the OACIQ guidelines and we are here to help you through the most important part of your life. We are trustworthy and Professional Condo inspectors. All you need is a simple call to us to examine your condo and give you a peace of mind before you invest your money.

We also offer Pre sale inspections to the seller for Condos that would need to know of potential problems at the time of sale. Just call us for a quote or email us.

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