August 30, 2022

Roof Inspection

Roof inspection Montreal

MTL Roof Inspection Montreal. Most residential properties such as bungalows, cottages and other single-family houses have sloped asphalt shingle roofs or flat tar and gravel roofs, in the case of duplexes and triplexes.

The main objective of a roof inspection is to verify the condition of the roof covering materials and of its various components. During the home inspection, depending on the roof type, we climb on the roof and inspect the wear and tear of the covering materials. Our home inspector will also inspect the roof drainage systems and flashings’ conditions. The home inspection also covers the observation of all roof penetrations such as skylights, chimneys, vent pipes.

The roof inspection is a critical component. The condition of the roof will be inspected. The structural integrity of the roof will be verified as well as the ventilation of the attic. Improper ventilation of the attic could strongly affect the structure of the roof and might result in rotting of the roof structure.

Our observations made will be described in detail if any defects are found, their severity and implications will be provided and further recommendations regarding the timeframe needed for their repair will also be included.

In Quebec we face extreme weather and having adequate insulation in the attic is critical. Attics can be insulated in a number of ways, including blowing in insulation or laying fiberglass batts.

Insulation is rated with an R factor, meaning the higher the R number, typically the higher the insulating factor. Ask your home inspector if the batts are facing the right direction (paper up or paper down). Properly insulated attics can cut down on your heating costs in the winter and cooling expenses in the summer


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