March 5, 2022




What Documents do I need for my new purchase?

Your real estate broker can guide in the documents needed for your real estate inspection process.

For the inspection process we need a Sellers Declaration and the listing details whether on MLS or Du Proprio or private sale not listed with a Real estate broker or service. You can email us for further information in this important process in your future endeavors. We understand that selling or buying an immovable can be a very difficult process and we can help make that easier for you.

What is the average cost for an inspection?

This all depends on what type of property you have. Please call to get a quote.

Can I be present during the inspection process?

Yes you can ask the inspector questions and voice your concerns, BUT the inspector can not give you estimates on repairs or improvements.

What are the differences between a Condo inspection and a Home inspection?

Well a Condo inspection can be for the private part that you occupy and if you choose you can have the common areas inspected as well, but you will need a release form from the co-ownership of the syndicate of co-proprietors for us to be able to inspect the common areas such as a shared gym, a terrace, a lobby or a space that you can enjoy multiple guests. Condos have either staff or a company that manages the building and its resources.

A Home inspection is basically all inclusive to the total habitable area. In a home inspection your utilities are not shared with others such as water , electricity, heat. In the Condo inspection the utilities are in an area that can be accessible to multiple users whereas in a home they belong to you and only you can manage them.

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