July 12, 2022

Home Inspection

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Home Inspection Services


How much does it cost for home inspection?

It really depends on the Montreal home inspection company you are working with. Some charge somewhere from $300 to $700 per home inspection. Since each home inspection is unique, prices may differ.

How long does it take for a Montreal home inspection?

Around 2-2½ hours

It all depends on the size of the home and the number of rooms to be inspected.  It’s a time well-spent bearing in mind there are many components involved in an average home.

What do Montreal home inspectors look for?

Qualified home inspectors look for both noticeable and undetectable problems all over the house. Noticeable problem include warped floors, discoloration, mold, rotting wood, visible cracks. Invisible problems like indoor air quality and gas leakage into the cellar may only be spotted with specialized equipment and tools.

Why home inspections are important?

The reason home inspections are necessary (to help the home buyer to get an understanding of the condition of the property). Before you devote your money to a property and find yourself in a predicament have MTL home inspection give your investment a thorough inspection To bring you peace of mind, MTL home inspection has the expertise to perform a the best Home Inspection Services.

Exterior home Inspection

The home inspector will complete a comprehensive inspection of the exterior of the property structure. This will include all gutters, flashings, windows, doors and the roof.

Exterior walls inspection

The property inspector will examine for any damages, cracks, and if soil is close to the bottom of the house, which can bring in wood insects. However, the inspector will let you know which problems are cosmetic and which could be more serious.

Home Foundation inspection

If the home foundation is not visible, the inspector may not be able to inspect it directly, but they can check for other  evidence of foundation problems, like cracks for example.

Garage inspection

The inspector will check the garage doors for proper closing and opening, examine the garage frame, and decide if it is appropriate, concrete floors for cracks and drains.

Roof inspection

The house inspector will verify if roof damage or poorly installation using special cameras. Cracked roof could allow water to enter in the house, such as improperly secured shingles and cracks around vents. They will also check gutters to make sure they are in good condition.

Plumbing inspection

The home or condo inspector will verify all faucets and showers, look for leaks and check the water pressure. They will also check what kinds of pipes the home has that are visible. Also check the water source and evacuation such as drain pipes.

Electrical inspection

The inspector will identify what type of wires the home uses, test the outlets, to make sure they are functional and correctly installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage. We will check the electrical panel for any issues and verify the electrical .

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The inspector will check the HVAC system to verify how old is the furnace and air conditioner, check if they function correctly, and may recommend maintenance or repairs. If your home has adequate insulation to minimize the utility bills. We will also verify your oil furnace and other means of heating.

Water Heater  inspection

The home property inspector will check how old is the heater and see if it is correctly installed. They will also let you know when should you replace it with a new one.

Kitchen Appliances inspections

The MTL home inspector will check kitchen appliances to make sure they work properly.

Laundry Room inspection

The inspector will check the laundry room area to see if it is properly vented. A badly maintained dryer-exhaust  can be a big problem.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide

We will do a comprehensive examination of these items and report their functionality.


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